ProFront™ Face Shield Protective Visor 

We are now producing face shields in plastic with fog-free clear protective visor. ProFront™ is a very easy-to-use face shield that protects the face from various airborne infectious particles when working with patients in health care. This visor enables a crystal clear view when used even in sweaty situations. Both the visor and the headband can be reused after being washed and disinfected carefully.

This face shield is made in Sweden on our plastic factory in Småland. Gets gelivered unassembled i packages of 200 pcs. Weight 33,5 g/pcs.

On the picture you see a red headband but we now only produce in transparent.

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ProFront™ Face Shield Specifications:

Intended Use: ProFront™ Face Shield is intended to be used in testing and working with patients in health and medical care.

Handling: The face shield can be reused. Both the visor and the headband can be washed and disinfected. OBS: Do not leave the visor in direct sunlight because it gets affected by long time exposure to UV-light.

Guarantee: The product has got 1 year guarantee after unboxing and assembling.

Product number: 200404

Product name: ProFront™

Skyddsvisir tillverkad i Sverige
Skyddsvisir tillverkad i Sverige

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